ATOS Q – Industrial Quality Control & 3D Inspection

The ATOS Q is a reliable and versatile 3D scanner built for industrial quality control & inspection applications. It is perfectly suited for measuring complex geometries making it ideal for precision or additive manufacturing. It comes in a robust package, built to withstand the rigours of shop-floor environments. Finally, it is highly versatile capable of manual, semi-automated or fully automated operations.



ATOS Q is specifically developed for industry use and delivers fully traceable measurement results—even under harsh conditions. The optical and electronic systems of the robust, optical 3D sensor are dustproof and splash-proof, making all ATOS Q sensors ideally suited for mobile or shop-floor applications.



The sensor captures quality information quickly and with a high degree of detail, providing you with a reliable data for inspection and analysis. Its Triple Scan functionality enables you to obtain accurate date even on reflective surfaces or objects with indentations.



Thanks to the Blue Light Equalizer and fast data processing, ATOS Q impresses with an outstanding performance. The Blue Light Equalizer enables high-speed fringe projection and is so powerful that even on uncooperative surfaces short measuring times can be achieved.

Modes of Operation


Weighing in at only 4 kg and boasting a robust casing, you can mount the ATOS Q on a tripod or take it on the road.


Combined with a rotation table or motorisation kit, you can make your inspection operation more efficient.


Combine the ATOS Q with ScanCobot or ScanBox for maximum efficiency, throughput & reliability.

Technical Specifications

ATOS Q is available in the 12M and 8M versions. The sensors capture up to 2 × 12 million or 2 × 8 million coordinate points during scanning. The precision, the resolution and the measuring area size can be tailored to your application.


Light source LED LED
Points per scan 8 million 12 million
Measuring area [mm²] 100 × 70 – 500 × 370 100 × 70 – 500 × 370
Point distance [mm] 0.04 – 0.15 0.03 – 0.12
Working distance [mm] 490 490
Weight approx. 4 kg approx. 4 kg
Dimensions approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm approx. 340 mm x 240 mm x 83 mm
Cable length 10 m fibre optic cable 10 m fibre optic cable
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10
Measuring volumes 100, 170, 270, 350, 500 100, 170, 270, 350, 500

Featured Applications

Amiga Engineering, an Australian-based precision machining & additive manufacturing company, was looking to improve its quality control capabilities having recently found their CMM system unable to perform certain critical operations.


Scan-Xpress performed a gear quality control test for a prospective customer using the ATOS Q. The results demonstrate that the system can perform precise tolerance checks on complex parts such as gears.


One of our prospective customers is looking to use 3D scanning for quality control & reverse engineering of marine propellers. In this short video, we demonstrate how the ATOS Q scanner can be used to provide full field 3D data capture enabling us to compare to CAD and identify more defects.

Maker profile: ATOS Q & turbine machinery

Meet Johan, director of Energetic Machinery in Belgium, and his passion for industrial steam turbines. The successful implementation of reverse engineering at his company allows Energetic to offer customers a complete service. Check out their story.

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