Scan-Xpress Applications

At Scan-Xpress, our goal is to help you grow regardless of your industrial application by providing the metrology, quality inspection & reverse engineering solutions that help you speed up quality checks, detect more defects, and design & go-to-market more efficiently.

Quality Control

Scan-Xpress provides 3D quality inspection tools and automation solutions to Australian & New Zealand manufacturers improve their quality control processes and reduce defects.

Quality Control & 3D Inspection

Plastic Injection

Scan-Xpress helps plastic component designers and injection moulding manufacturers save time and money at every stage of their go-to-market and production lifecycles.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Precision Machining

Scan-Xpress provides precision manufacturers with best in class CMMs and 3D scanners as well as automation solutions helping measure quality efficiently and deliver repeatable results.

Precision Machining 

Maintenance & Repair

Leverage optical metrology & reverse engineering solutions to inspect worn components, detect defects, and produce obsolete or broken parts in MRO applications.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Design & Engineering

Utilise precise metrology tools to reverse engineer for production, analyse prototypes, perform design iterations and manufacturing tool correction while staying on budget.

Design & Engineering

Additive Manufacturing

Combine 3D scanning & computer tomography (CT) to obtain a complete picture of your manufacturing process and produce the best quality components. Scan-Xpress also sells and services WASP 3D printers.

Additive Manufacturing 

Metal Forming

Whether you are a small metal shop or a large manufacturer; having efficient and robust solutions for inspection, quality control & defect detection is essential to your business success. We can provide you with best in class metrology & measurement equipment that is adapted to your environment and processes.



Featured Scan-Xpress Application Stories

3D Scanning used in Additive Manufacturing

Their goal: to enable anyone to make anything. Meet Sebastian, Head of Operations EMEA at Formlabs Berlin: They build high-quality 3D printers at accessible prices. When it comes to quality control, there’s just no way around 3D scanning – for fast, precise prototypes.

3D Scanning for Metal Forming R&D

At the Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tolls and Forming Technology, there is no “normal business”. Instead, it’s all about unique clients with unique problems seeking unique solutions. Whether it’s in the automotive, medical or robotics industry: 3D scanning makes it possible to step into the future – every day.

ATOS Q use in Turbine Machinery MRO

Meet Johan, director of Energetic Machinery in Belgium, and his passion for industrial steam turbines. The successful implementation of reverse engineering at his company allows Energetic to offer customers a complete service. Check out their story.

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