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At Scan-Xpress, our goal is to help you grow by providing the metrology and 3D inspections tools necessary to speed up quality checks, reduce defects & digitise your results. Not sure what products or services you are looking for? Select your area of interest from the list bellow and see how our team can help you solve everyday issues and improve your processes!

Quality Control & Inspection

Having a robust and efficient quality control process is critical in today’s manufacturing industry. We provide you with the tools and solutions to perform inspection and analysis quickly and efficiently whether you are producing consumer goods or precision components.



Plastics Injection Moulding

In the injection moulding industry, it is critical to have access to the best 3D data in order to optimise your processes and ensure you are meeting quality control requirements. We provide you with the solutions you need to measure, design and analyse your mould as well as your end product.



Precision Machining

Whether you are a small shop or a large manufacturer quality control and part analysis is essential to your success. We can provide you with best in class CMMs and Optical Sensors as well as automation solutions tailored to your needs that will enable you to be successful and efficient.




Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

If MRO is your business then efficient defect detection is what you are looking for. Our team can provide you with mobile and easy to use scanning technology helping you measure, analyse and detect defects quickly while our X-Ray technology provides non-destructive internal structure analysis.



Design & Engineering

Designing something new or trying improving an existing product? Using our state of the art hardware and software we can provide you with accurate part data allowing you to perform reverse engineering, prototype analysis, tool correction, CAD comparisons and much more. We can also support you with additive manufacturing capabilities and products.



Additive Manufacturing

Are you an additive manufacturing business looking to bolster your production or quality control capabilities? Or are you a manufacturer or designer looking for 3D printing systems for your business? We have the tools, products and expertise to help you! We offer a number of 3D printers for purchase as well as part inspection and quality control solutions.



Metal Forming

Whether you are a small metal shop or a large manufacturer; having efficient and robust solutions for inspection, quality control & defect detection is essential to your business success. We can provide you with best in class metrology & measurement equipment that is adapted to your environment and processes.



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