T-SCAN Hawk 2 | Capture anything you desire

The new ZEISS T-SCAN Hawk 2 is a lightweight, next-generation handheld 3D laser scanner with remarkable ease of use.

It’s portability and reliability allows capture of data with metrology-grade precision wherever needed in: quality control or reverse engineering, maintenance, repair and overhaul.



  • Travels in just one case;
  • Contains additional tools:
    • Hyperscale (fast re-calibration);
    • Handy power delivery hub.

New satellite mode

Scan objects of multiple meters in size without compromising on accuracy.

Handheld precision

  • Advanced technology delivering high-precision 3D measurement data;
  • Easy-to-use in confined or hard-to-reach areas.

Technical Specifications

High-speed scanning Included (multiple blue laser crosses)
Deep pockets Included (single blue laser line)
Flexible depth of field Included (on-object distance radar)
Detailed scan Included
One-shot sensor calibration Included (hyperscale)
Large parts Included (satellite mode, no coded markers required)
Carbon-fibre lengths standards Certified (DAkks / ILAC) (1)
Volumetric accuracy 0.02 mm + 0.015 mm/m (2)
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014) Class 2 (eye-safe)
Weight < 1kg
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