Airfoil contains all evaluation tools for measurement and analysis of aerospace and gas turbine parts and assemblies. You can execute axial, bitangential or aerodynamic analyses that are specific to certain industries, or inspect the mean profile value and skeleton lines in the software. The automatic surface deviation calculation provides the digital data for visual inspections. You can identify production residues, wear and tear, surface defects and use the data for adaptive machining.


Aerospace & Power Turbine Inspection

Using industry specific functions, ensure your turbine component or feature is manufactured to the proper fit, perform GD&T, detect form errors and verify tolerance requirements.

Intuitive Workflow for Comprehensive Analysis

ZEISS INSPECT is an intuitive software providing you with all your tools in one place as well as a workflow assistant. Furthermore, the software is fully parametric which speeds up your inspection and facilitates recurring processes.

Pair With Industry Recognised 3D Scanners

The software designed for use with GOM 3D scanners which feature best-in-class resolution and reliability. Compatible with systems such as the ATOS Q, ATOS 5 and ATOS ScanBox or industry recognised and used by manufacturers around the world in aerospace, power generation and precision machining quality assurance.

Reporting & Automation

Easily meet your internal, customer or certification quality assurance requirements. Boasting great features such as trend analysis, CAD comparison, digital assembly, virtual clamping, and automated reporting; ZEISS INSPECT saves both time and money during the quality inspection process.

Featured Applications

GOM Aerospace Webinar

This webinar shows how major aerospace companies are implementing optical metrology techniques to improve the manufacturing processes of composite components by providing more data, quicker while developing a Digital Twin of the aircraft.

Airfoil Inspection Using ZEISS INSPECT

Follow along with Capture 3D Application Engineer Ethan, as he demonstrates some basic airfoil inspection capabilities using CAD and 3D mesh data in both the free and paid versions of ZEISS INSPECT Software.

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