Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry has always had a strong presence in Australia including manufacturing components for aircraft and UAVs as well as MRO operations. Scan-Xpress offers solutions and services for a wide variety of applications from manufacturing quality control to mobile part inspection systems for efficient maintenance analysis.


Highlights & Benefits

Our product portfolio includes solution for precision manufacturing quality control as well as easy-to-use mobile 3D scanning systems that will help you inspect and evaluate parts quickly, detect defects and plan maintenance operations.

  Precise, full-field inspection

  Fraction of the speed of CMMs

  Highest level of precision

  Dedicated probes and sensors

  Mobile, large object inspection

  Full-field 3D modelling & analysis

Notable Past Projects

3D Scanning & Analysis of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle structure component


To improve flight efficiency of the Silverstone Mk3 UAV, a key structural component was re-designed using topology optimization and additive manufacturing techniques in order to achieve a lighter design iteration.


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