Industrial Computer Tomography and X-Ray Solutions


Take a closer look at every detail

Use ZEISS CT- and X-Ray solutions to examine your part, inside and out. These systems reveal what would otherwise remain hidden – without destroying the part.


  • Measure, analyze, and inspect hidden defects and inner structures that cannot be detected otherwise.
  • Thanks to X-ray, you can cut parts non-destructively and look inside.
  • No need complex fixturing. This saves time and money.
  • Reproduce parts even when no CAD data is available with computed tomography systems (CT)
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Product Overview

The following ZEISS products will provide you complete, internal and external part scanning and measurement solutions. They are designed to be imbedded seamlessly into your product line and offer automated part manipulation, scanning and analysis options.

Metrotom X-Ray measuring machine


Industrial computed tomography system enabling you to perform measuring and inspection jobs yourself with only one X-ray scan.

Download METROTOM Specifications


Designed for high throughput applications, these solutions are customized to fit your application and can be set-up for manual or automated loading.

Download VoluMax Specifications

ZEISS Bosello

These robust 2D X-ray machines are specially designed for the production environment. They guarantee reliable non-destructive X-ray inspection directly inline or near production with highest throughput.

Download Bosello application flyer

ZEISS Xradia

High Resolution 3D X-ray microscopy and micro-computer-tomography solutions for sub-micron imaging and inspection of parts and samples. Perfect for leading edge technology research, development and production.

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