Tritop - Vehicle Application

Tritop – Optical 3D Co-Ordinate Measurement


Portable CMM Solution

The portable TRITOP CMM system measures co-ordinates of 3D objects quick and precise. Traditional measurement tasks performed by tactile CMM systems can now be conducted with the flexibility of a handheld camera, with no need for heavy, high maintenance equipment. TRITOP can be used as a standalone photogrammetry system in the cases of deformation, positioning and inspection analysis, or in combination with ATOS for large scale measurement projects.

Large Scale Measurements


The TRITOP system can provide co-ordinate measurements for large scale measurement projects in order to reduce deviations from 3D scanning measurements. This also allows for a faster measurement process alongside greater accuracy and precision.

Ship Photogrammetry

Static Deformation Analysis


3D displacements and deformations of objects & components can be calculated and analysed using TRITOP measurements. Applications include automotive static deformation and climate chamber tests.

Van Photogrammetry

Portable and Easy Handling


The lightweight camera provides the opportunity to conduct off site measurement projects in any terrain. With only 2 cases to carry to any location, the versatility and flexibility of the TRITOP is of exceptional value.

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