Quality Control & Inspection

Having a robust and efficient quality control process is critical for success in Australia’s manufacturing industry. We provide you with the solutions and services to perform inspection and analysis quickly and efficiently whether you are producing consumer goods or high-precision parts.


Our team of metrology experts, engineers and business professionals is dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. In the page below you will see how Scan-Xpress can help you every step of the way throughout your quality-check, production or manufacturing process.


Having the right measuring system is the first step for successful quality control. Our systems offer you unparalleled precision and efficiency to suit your inspection needs.


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Detect Defects

Compare your measurement to CAD and detect defects with speed and precision using our software and multi-sensor or internal structure inspection machines.


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Analyse & Optimise

Use your data efficiently to ensure your products are of the highest quality. We offer great software solutions to simplify your workflow as well as automation solutions designed for high-throughput applications.


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Want to book a demo or discuss your project?

Amiga Engineering, an Australian-based precision machining & additive manufacturing company, was looking to improve its quality control capabilities having recently found their CMM system unable to perform certain critical operations. The ATOS Q offered the perfect solution for this application.

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