Handheld Metrology Solutions & 3D Scanners

Mobile solutions to help you detect defects & improve product quality directly on the shop floor


The portable TRITOP photogrammetry and measurement system helps you accurately map large scale objects in 3 dimensions and prepare them for accurate 3D scanning for quality inspection or reverse engineering applications.


T-Scan Hawk

The T-SCAN Hawk is the solution to assist you with every step of every task; ranging from 3D data capture to the delivery of high quality results. Designed to be portable, precise and easy to use, the T-Scan Hawk will simplify your processes and save you time.

T-Scan Hawk

Third Dimension Gap Gun

The Gap Gun range of non contact, laser measurement systems are capable of a wide variety of profile measurements. Built for gap & flush, in-line inspection, the Gap Gun provides immediate feedback and helps detects defects efficiently.

Gap Gun


The modular ZEISS T-SCAN system is your fast way to accurate measurement: Capture 3D data without any part preparation. In combination with the GOM Inspect Software Suite, it will enable you to make use of your capture data quickly and efficiently.



The ARGUS system is integral to the analysis and optimisation of forming distributions of components. This system is predominantly tailored to the optimisation of sheet metal forming, with particular usefulness in the automotive industry.


Featured Handheld Metrology Applications

ANZAC Statue 3D Scan

Using the T-Scan Hawk, we performed a historical archiving project using 3D scanning for the New South Wales government. We were able to capture a full 3D rendering of the ‘Sacrifice’ Anzac memorial sculpture.


T-Scan Hawk in Automotive Design

Meet Martin from BMA Autosport in Belgium: His car workshop converts street cars into modern rally cars and historical racing vehicles. After stripping a car down to its bare body shell the BMA team redesigns it into a real hot rod by using 3D models and captures from the T-Scan Hawk.

ZEISS T-Scan 20 used for Reverse Engineering

Watch this short video where the ZEISS T-Scan is used to capture accurate data and reverse engineering a historical wooden aircraft propeller. The CAD data can then be used for historical archiving or for production.

1300 3D SCAN