Scan-Xpress Mission Statement

Scan-Xpress is committed to offering innovative and best-in-class metrology, digital image correlation and quality inspection solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Our objective is to enable local research and manufacturing industry growth by providing excellent tools, knowledge and customer service.


Scan-Xpress Core Values

  • Offer holistic metrology solutions that improve our customer’s final quality & optimise processes
  • Stay up to date with and share the latest technology and industry 4.0 methods with local industry
  • Deliver high quality results for our service customer through expert knowledge and impeccable customer service
  • Service our customer’s needs while exceeding their expectations

Scan-Xpress History

Scan-Xpress is a Melbourne-based company founded in 1997 by a group of engineers and business professionals with the objective of bringing optical and laser based metrology technology to Australian shores. With their extensive experience in the aerospace and automotive industries the company pioneered innovative ways to use leading-edge technology in Australian industrial applications.


GOM Partnership

In 1999 the company formed a strategic partnership with leading German optical metrology company – GOM. This partnership helped strengthen Scan-Xpress’s ability to bring the state of the art optical metrology products and solutions to Australian industry. Since then, Scan-Xpress has continued to provide 3D scanning and metrology services to thousands of Australian customers across a wide variety of manufacturing, engineering, design, and industrial applications. Scan-Xpress has also consistently provided the Australian manufacturing industry with world class metrology products and solutions. The wide range of optical technologies offer significant improvements in speed, quality and reliability of critical measurement information compared to tradition tactile measurement machines.

GOM 3D Scanners

Best-in-class optical metrology solutions for design, engineering and manufacturing quality assurance applications.

GOM 3D Scanners


Full field 3D camera and digital image correlation system for materials research, deformation and impact testing applications.


ZEISS Partnership

In 2020, Scan-Xpress became an official partner of ZEISS Group – an international leader in metrology, optics and optoelectronics. Through this strategic partnership, the company is now able to offer an even wider portfolio of products to Australian manufacturers. These include X-Ray & Computer Tomography solutions allowing for non-destructive internal structure analysis, high-precision Coordinate  & Vision Measurement machines and  Reverse-Engineering Software with revolutionary time & cost saving tool correction functionality.


ZEISS Coordinate Measurement Machines offer best-in-class precision, accuracy and repeatability.



Quality control and inspection solutions where high accuracy and ISO compliance are required.



Quality inspection solutions enabling non-destructive internal structure inspection.


The future

Scan-Xpress aims to continue serving the Australian technology and manufacturing industries with metrology, quality control, reverse engineering and 3D printing products, solutions & services enabling local leading companies to excel and grow. We now have offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and are able to offer solutions and services Australia-wide.

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