Precision Machining

Whether you are a small shop or a large manufacturer quality control and part analysis is essential to your success. We can provide you with best in class CMMs and Optical Sensors as well as automation solutions tailored to your needs that will enable you to be successful and efficient.


What can we do for you?

  • We provide best-in-class quality-control and inspection solutions as well as automation systems
  • We offer tool correction & reverse engineering capable software that meshed perfectly with our hardware
  • We analyse your production line & design to recommend the best solution for your needs
  • We perform a solution test using your parts to demonstrate or compare different system capabilities
  • We provide ROI and financial analyses to help you make the best decision


Alternatively, if you need help on a specific project, we offer measurement, inspection and reverse-engineering services both in house and at your location. > Read more

Design & Process Optimisation

We offer tools that will help you step of the way through your design and manufacturing preparation process from reverse engineering and CAD comparison to CNC process optimisation.


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Quality Control

Measure, analyse and compare to CAD with powerful industrial tools designed for speed and high-precision applications.


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Optimise & Automate

Utilise our automation solutions to speed up your quality-control and inspection processes and eliminate human operator manipulation and error.


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