ATOS Compact Scan | Blue Light 3D Scanner

The ATOS Compact Scan is an optical blue light 3D scanner allowing for full field data capture for quality inspection, design & engineering applications. It is a versatile solution offering a scalable field of view in a compact, portable package. Manufactured with robust components, this lightweight sensor is fit for a variety of applications directly on the shop floor or inside narrow spaces. It can also be combined with GOM Touch probe technology for capturing critical data in hard to reach areas.

Blue Light Technology

GOM’s new narrow banded projection technology enables precise measurements to be carried out independent of lighting conditions, minimum heat development and low maintenance.

Scalable Field of View

The Compact Scan has an interchangeable measurement volumes from 35 to 1200 mm², which can also be combined with TRITOP digital photogrammetry for very large projects.

Touch Probe Capable

Measure deep pockets, holes or any optically inaccessible areas, a GOM Touch Probe Kit. The Compact Scan will optically track the touch probe giving precise point measurements at any location

Portable & Lightweight

Weighing only 4kgs, the Compact Scan fits into an easy to transport case that can be checked-in as luggage for remote work. The case includes the ATOS Sensor, stand, calibration artefacts and all optional accessories.

Technical Specifications

Sensor Configurations

ATOS Compact Scan 8M ATOS Compact Scan 12M
Camera Pixels 2 x 8 000 000 2 x 12 000 000
Minimum Measuring Area 45 x 45 mm 45 x 45 mm
Maximum Measuring Area 1200 x 900 mm 1200 x 900 mm
Point Spacing 0.014 – 0.358 mm 0.011 – 0.292 mm
Working Distance 390 – 1200 mm 390 – 1200 mm
Operating Temperature 5 – 40˚C 5 – 40˚C


Sensor Dimensions 340 mm x 130 mm x 230 mm
Weight 4kg
Sensor Controller Integrated
Cable Length Up to 30m
Sensor Positioning Lightweight Tripod or Sensor Stand
Part Positioning Manual or Automatic Rotation Table
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