GOM ROT 350 | Entry into 3D Scanning Automation

The GOM ROT 350 is an automatic rotation table enabling entry-level automation for small to medium sized parts. It can be combined with any GOM 3D scanner enabling a streamlined workflow saving you time and resources. Use it to speed up your quality control checks or for reverse engineering and design applications.


Simple yet effective

The ROT 350 is a plug and play USB device integrating seamlessly with GOM Suite and 3D scanners.

Lightweight and mobile

The GOM ROT 350 weighs only 20 kg and can fold seamlessly into your existing 3D scanner‘s mobile case.

Pair with any 3D scanner

Use the ROT 350 as a simple and cost effective way to speed up inspection and utilise your resources more efficiently.

Featured Applications

Our team performed a gear quality control test for one of our customers using optical metrology. We utilised the GOM ROT 350 to speed up the process and ensure whole gear was captured accurately.

Webinar: GOM Suite 2021 update

Our team delivered a LIVE demonstration webinar focused around GOM Suite 2021 inspection and multipart scanning features. We used the ATOS Q and GOM ROT 350 to scan multiple parts with speed an accuracy.


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