Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

If MRO is your business then efficient defect detection is what you are looking for. Our team can provide you with mobile and easy to use scanning technology helping you measure and analyse parts and detect defects quickly while our CT & X-Ray inspection machines provide non-destructive internal structure inspection capabilities.


Alternatively, if you need help on a specific project, we offer on-site 3D scanning, inspection & analysis services. > Read more

Inspect Components

Our optical measurement systems will help you inspect structures and components quickly and efficiently no matter the size. Plus our systems are light and easy to transport and our handheld products allow you to access hard-to-reach areas.


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Detect Defects

Detect defects using precise measurement tools including computer tomography & X-Ray systems that allow you to inspect internal structures non-destructively.


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Surface defect

Plan Maintenance & Reverse Engineer Parts

Utilise our reverse engineering products as well as our additive manufacturing systems to prototype, test, produce and measure replacement parts and components.


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Dewalt part

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