Coordinate & Vision Measurement Machines

Helping you measure even the tightest tolerances, detect more defects and improve final production quality.


ZEISS Coordinate Measurement Machines offer best-in-class precision, accuracy and repeatability. Coupled with contact and optical sensors, these machines will help you increase quality, perform in-line inspection and automate your processes.



ZEISS Vision Measurement & Multi-Sensor Machines (O-Detect & O-Inspect) help measure small to medium sized components for various applications. Able to measure transparent and flexible parts, these machines offer incredible flexibility and precision.

ZEISS VMM & Multisensor

GOM Touch Probe

The touch probe is a metrology add on to the ATOS optical measurement systems that provides precise 3D co-ordinate points for difficult to access areas, hidden cavities and discreet points. The probe consists of a calibrated set of point markers that are optically tracked by ATOS 3D scanners.

GOM Touch Probe

Featured CMM & Vision Measurement Applications

Australian ZEISS CMM Webinar

This webinar provides you with a better understanding of how ZEISS CMMs should be integrated into each process to ensure a high product quality while maintaining efficiency throughput while eliminating waste and rework.

ZEISS CONTURA CMM for Aerospace Applications

Michigan Scientific, purchased their first ZEISS CMM for a new aerospace contract, requiring high precision and GD&T drawing measurements.

ZEISS CONTURA CMM for Medical Device Inspection

Schupan, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, specializes in metals & plastics — distribution stock, precision cutting, custom extrusions, and manufacturing services.

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