Design & Engineering

Designing something new or trying improving an existing product? Using our state of the art hardware and software, we can provide you with accurate part data allowing you to perform reverse engineering, prototype analysis, tool correction, CAD comparisons and much more. We can also support you with additive manufacturing capabilities and products.


What can we do for you?

  • We provide best-in-class optical inspection technology for rapid measurement & analysis
  • We provide multi-axial 3D printers for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing
  • We analyse your needs and project to recommend the best solution for your business
  • We can perform a solution test to demonstrate or compare different system capabilities
  • We provide ROI and financial analyses to help you make the best decision


Alternatively, if you need help on a specific project, we offer part inspection, reverse engineering & 3D printing services. > Read more

Design & Prototyping

Our portable optical scanners enable you to measure components for reverse engineering or CAD comparison purposes while our 3D printing solutions enable you to quickly produce live models or prototypes for small to large parts in a variety of materials.


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Research, Testing & Analysis

We offer a number of systems capable of HD dynamic testing and determining material properties. Our 3D scanners are also capable of providing you with accurate data for CAD comparison and tool design purposes.


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Dewalt part

Production & Quality Control

As you enter your product go-to-market and production phases, we can help you realise your ambitions by providing fast and effective quality control solutions tailored to your needed level of precision and tolerances.


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