GOM Touch Probe: 3D Scanning Accessory

The ATOS touch probe is a metrology add on compatible with any ATOS 3D Scanner that provides precise, point-based measurements for difficult to access areas, hidden cavities and discreet points. The probe consists of a calibrated set of point markers that are optically tracked by ATOS 3D scanners allowing you to collect accurate measurement for a complete picture of your object.

Combining 3D Scanning and Tactile Measurements

The lightweight GOM Touch Probe allows precise measurement via digital tracking in combination with an ATOS 3D scanner or ARAMIS 3D camera. This allows optically inaccessible areas or features to be easily measured using the tactile sensor.

Versatile measurement of small to large features

The GOM Touch Probe comes with five probe heads in different sizes, suitable for small to large objects and features. The user can not only exchange the probe heads but can also construct customized touch probes for specific measuring tasks.

Interested in the Touch Probe?
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