Scan-Xpress Metrology & Quality Inspection Solutions

Scan-Xpress offers metrology, digital image correlation, and quality inspection solutions across Australia and New Zealand. Our objective is to enable local research and manufacturing industry growth by providing excellent tools, knowledge and customer service.

Metrology Solutions

Reduce inspection times, detect more defects and digitize your results using modern tools such as ZEISS CMMs and GOM 3D Scanners.


Metrology Services

Need to perform a comprehensive quality inspection or GD&T, recreate CAD data or 3D print a specific object? We can help you there!


Benefits of Optical Metrology

GOM 3D scanners are taking the manufacturing world by storm by cutting down inspection times while improving quality. Find out why!


Materials Research & DIC

GOM’s ARAMIS 3D camera and GOM Correlate Digital Image Correlation software will help you get great data for materials research applications.


3D Scanners & Optical Metrology

Perform full field 3D inspection in record time, compare to CAD and detect defects.

3D Scanners

Handheld 3D Scanners

Inspect large parts with ease and accuracy, bring your digital tools on site.

Handheld 3D Scanners 

Gap & Flush

Measure profiles, surfaces and assemblies with accuracy in seconds.


Motion Tracking & Material Testing

Capture dynamic 3D data and perform digital image correlation analyses.

ARAMIS System 

Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM)

Perform high-precision contact and optical inspection with ZEISS CMMs and sensors.


Computer Tomography & X-Ray

Measure, analyse and detect internal features and defects non-destructively.


Success Stories : Metrology Applications

Take a look at some of our stories below to find out how Scan-Xpress metrology solutions have helped businesses overcome production challenges and bottlenecks. Visit our blog page for our latest projects and updates.

ATOS Q: Quality Inspection

One of our prospective customers is looking to use 3D scanning for quality control & reverse engineering of marine propellers. In this short video, we demonstrate how the ATOS Q scanner can be used to provide full field 3D data capture enabling us to compare to CAD and identify more defects.


ARAMIS: Material Research Testing

One of our long time partners – the Deakin University Institute for Frontier Materials (IMF) – recently purchased a second ARAMIS 3D camera system to use for digital image correlation (DIC) in their state of the art materials testing facility. Watch the video for full details on this story.


GOM Scan 1: Reverse Engineering

We were contacted by an automotive enthusiast to perform a reverse engineering & design project on a Ford Falcon hood scoop. Using 3D scanning, we were able to accurately create a digital twin and reverse engineer for production. Check out the video below for the full story.


Metrology Education: Webinar Replays

Not sure which solution you need? Want to learn more about Metrology? Take a look at our webinar replays that explore different technologies, their benefits and potential applications.

ZEISS CMM Applications Webinar

This webinar provides you with a better understanding of how ZEISS CMMs should be integrated into each process to ensure a high product quality while maintaining efficiency throughput while eliminating waste and rework.

Hands on Metrology Tour Demo Webinar

During this webinar, our metrology and engineering team showcases two of our most versatile scanning systems; the T-Scan Hawk and the ATOS Q in quality inspection & reverse engineering applications.

GOM Scan 1 product highlight webinar

In this webinar, our team explores the latest HandsOnMetrology scanner – the GOM Scan 1. We showcase how GOM 3D scanners enable you to quickly create digital twins, perform quality inspection, CAD comparison, and even reverse engineer for production.

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