Metal Forming

Whether you are a small metal shop or a large manufacturer; having efficient and robust solutions for inspection, quality control & defect detection is essential to your business success. We can provide you with best in class metrology & measurement equipment that is adapted to your environment and processes.


What can we do for you?

  • We provide best-in-class quality-control and inspection solutions as well as automation systems
  • We offer inspection machines that can detect and analyse surface and internal defects in metal components
  • We perform a solution test using your parts to demonstrate or compare our different system capabilities
  • We provide ROI and financial analyses to help you make the best decision


Alternatively, if you need help on a specific project, we offer measurement, inspection and analysis services both in house and at your location. > Read more

Design & Prototyping

We offer tools that will help you every step of the way through your design and manufacturing preparation process including prototype inspection, reverse engineering and tool & die correction.


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Quality Control

Measure, analyse and detect defects with powerful industrial tools designed for speed and high-precision applications. Make use of our CT & X-ray technology to inspect internal structure and reveal hidden deffects.


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Car door
Blue light

Optimise & Automate

Utilise our automation solutions to speed up your quality-control and inspection processes and eliminate human operator manipulation and error.


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