T-Scan Hawk | Your portable solution for 3D scanning and easy inspection

The T-SCAN Hawk is the solution to assist you with every step of every task; ranging from 3D data capture to the delivery of high quality results. Designed to be portable, precise and easy to use, the T-Scan Hawk will simplify your processes and save you time. Its main areas of application are quality control, reverse engineering and maintenance, repair & overhaul in virtually any industry.


Three Scanning Modes

  • Red Crosses: For Large Areas
  • Blue Lines: For Fine Details
  • Single Red Line: For Confined Areas

Versatile & Powerful

  • Captures data from almost any surface and material
  • Captures dark and reflective objects and deep pockets
  • Effective in confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas

Mobile & User-Friendly

  •  Compact, lightweight and portable 3D scanner
  •  Stand-alone device with intuitive scanning process
  •  Suitable for confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas

Ready for any challenge

  • Ideal for very large or heavy object scanning
  • Enhanced precision for scanning parts up to multiple meters
  • Integrated photogrammetry for maximum accuracy

Technical Specifications

Scan Mode Standard / Single line /  Fine mode
Laser Source 7 red crosses / Red line / 5 blue lines
Resolution 0.05mm / .05mm / 0.01mm
Scanning Area Up to 550mm x 600mm
Detailed Scan Supported
Deep Pockets Supported
Built-in Photogrammetry Supported
Accuracy 0.02mm + 0.035mm/m
High-precision GOM scalebar with built-in photogrammetry
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014) Class 2M (eye-safe)

Featured Applications

Our team performed 3D scanned and reverse-engineered several Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for an Australian defence application. The T-Scan Hawk was selected due to its ability to accurately recreate 3D models of existing prototypes.


Project Highlight: BMA Autosport

Meet Martin from BMA Autosport in Belgium: His car workshop converts street cars into modern rally cars and historical racing vehicles. After stripping a car down to its bare body shell the BMA team redesigns it into a real hot rod by using 3D models and captures from the T-Scan Hawk.

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