T-Scan Hawk | Your portable solution for 3D scanning and easy inspection

The T-SCAN Hawk is the solution to assist you with every step of every task; ranging from 3D data capture to the delivery of high quality results. Designed to be portable, precise and easy to use, the T-Scan Hawk will simplify your processes and save you time. Its main areas of application are quality control, reverse engineering and maintenance, repair & overhaul in virtually any industry.


Three Scanning Modes

  • Red Crosses: For Large Areas
  • Blue Lines: For Fine Details
  • Single Red Line: For Confined Areas

Versatile & Powerful

  • Captures data from almost any surface and material
  • Captures dark and reflective objects and deep pockets
  • Effective in confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas

Mobile & User-Friendly

  •  Compact, lightweight and portable 3D scanner
  •  Stand-alone device with intuitive scanning process
  •  Suitable for confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas

Ready for any challenge

  • Ideal for very large or heavy object scanning
  • Enhanced precision for scanning parts up to multiple meters
  • Integrated photogrammetry for maximum accuracy

Technical Specifications

Scan Mode Standard / Single line /  Fine mode
Laser Source 7 red crosses / Red line / 5 blue lines
Resolution 0.05mm / .05mm / 0.01mm
Scanning Area Up to 550mm x 600mm
Detailed Scan Supported
Deep Pockets Supported
Built-in Photogrammetry Supported
Accuracy 0.02mm + 0.035mm/m
High-precision GOM scalebar with built-in photogrammetry
Laser class (IEC 60825-1:2014) Class 2M (eye-safe)

Featured Applications

Using the T-Scan Hawk, we performed a historical archiving project using 3D scanning for the New South Wales government. We were able to capture a full 3D rendering of the ‘Sacrifice’ Anzac memorial sculpture.


Meet MGM and their impressive ship propellers. Although huge, the parts are planned to the detail before months of development culminate in about ten minutes of casting time. To ensure quality and functionality, 3D measurement plays an import role in the process.

Our team performed 3D scanned and reverse-engineered several Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for an Australian defence application. The T-Scan Hawk was selected due to its ability to accurately recreate 3D models of existing prototypes.


Project Highlight: BMA Autosport

Meet Martin from BMA Autosport in Belgium: His car workshop converts street cars into modern rally cars and historical racing vehicles. After stripping a car down to its bare body shell the BMA team redesigns it into a real hot rod by using 3D models and captures from the T-Scan Hawk.

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