Anzac Statue Historical Archiving Using 3D Scanning

Scan-Xpress’s team was hired to perform a historical archiving project using 3D scanning for the New South Wales government. Using the T-Scan Hawk scanner, we were able to capture a full 3D rendering of the ‘Sacrifice’ Anzac memorial sculpture. In the following article, we will outline the process and technology we used as well as showcase some images and the finished product.

Project Details

The sculpture ‘Sacrifice’ encapsulates the message at the heart of the Anzac Memorial. Designed by sculptor George Rayner Hoff, the sculpture is based on the story of the Spartan warrior from ancient Greece. The project and use of 3D scanning was dual purpose.

Firstly, the we wanted to capture a full scale digital twin of the sculpture for historical archiving and to ensure if there is any future damage or loss, an accurate digital retransitions exists for repair purposes.

Secondly the full field 3D capture would enable the NSW government to create a scaled down version of the sculpture so that vision impaired people can physically interact with and experience ‘Sacrifice’.

Historical Archiving Using 3D Scanning | T-Scan Hawk

In order to accurately capture the surface of the statue, we required a portable scanner that would keep its accuracy across the large size and complex surface geometry. We selected the handheld  T-Scan Hawk which is both portable and accurate while offering imbedded photogrammetry enabling us to capture the whole statue to the millimetre despite its close to 3m height.

The statue was first covered in reference dots. The T-Scan Hawk was then used to complete the 3D scan simply by manually passing the sensor across the entire surface as shown in the image below. Its three scanning modes and laser configurations enabled us to scan the large surface as well as focus in on small details as required.


Digital Twin Results

The 3D scan resulted in a highly accurate 3D model of the sculpture. The data captured enabled the NSW government to reverse engineer and fabricate a scaled down exact replica sculpture. This will enable visually impaired individuals to experience the entire statue through touch. Below you will find some image of the digital twin.

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