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ATOS Triple Scan – Optical Blue Light 3D Scanner


High Resolution Scanner for Very Small to Large Objects

The ATOS Triple Scan is an optical non-contact 3D scanner that is able to measure millions of points upon a part surface using structured blue light. The system operates using advanced projection patterns and calculations in order to produce accurate and precise measurement data for inspection and geometrical analysis. Measurements of shiny surfaces and complex object geometry are both possible with the functionality of the ATOS Triple Scan. Using the cutting edge Triple Scan functionality, the number of scans required to capture data is reduced significantly.

Blue Light Technology


GOM’s new narrow banded projection technology enables precise measurements to be carried out independent of lighting conditions, minimum heat development and low maintenance

ATOS Triple Scan - Casting

Triple Scan Functionality


Shiny surfaces such as sheet metal parts and dark coloured tools can be scanned directly using Triple Scan functionality. Complex part geometries are also made easier to scan, with fewer measurements needed to capture the required data for inspection.

Triple Scan Functionality

High Resolution Measurement Cameras


The ATOS Triple Scan comes with up to 16 megapixel high resolution, stereo measuring cameras designed specifically for optical measurements. Accuracy, resolution and measuring area can all be modified to suit the application requirements.

ATOS Triple Scan - Angled View

Mobile Measurement System


Eliminate travel costs and save time by moving the system to the part. The ATOS Triple Scan is completely portable and can be relocated with relative ease. With the use of dynamic referencing, difficult environment conditions are accounted for to maintain high quality scans.

ATOS Triple Scan - Stand

Touch Probe – Tactile Measurements


The GOM Touch Probe allows discrete point measurements in conjunction with ATOS Triple Scan measurements for points that are hard to obtain via line of sight issues. The touch probe can be used for online data alignment as well.

Triple Scan - Touch Probe

Technical Specifications

Sensor Configurations


ATOS II Triple Scan ATOS III Triple Scan ATOS Triple Scan 16M
Camera Pixels 2 x 5M 2 x 8M 2 x 16M
Minimum Measuring Area 38 x 29 mm 38 x 29 mm 170 x 130 mm
Maximum Measuring Area 2000 x 1500 mm 2000 x 1500 mm 810 x 610 mm
Point Spacing 0.02 – 0.79 mm 0.01 – 0.61 mm 0.03 – 0.16 mm
Working Distance 490 – 2000 mm 490 – 2000 mm 440 – 800 mm
Measured Points per Scan 5 million 8 million 16 million
Operating Temperature 5 – 40˚C 5 – 40˚C 5 – 40˚C

ATOS Technology Features


Triple Scan Easy scanning of shiny or dark surfaces and complex parts
Blue Light Technology Scanning independent of environmental lighting conditions
Automation Level 1 Rotation table, linear units, tilt and swivel units
Automation Level 2 Robotic
Fast Scanning Mode Yes
GOM Touch Probe Compatible Yes
Sensor Controller Internal

Computer Hardware


High-End PC Yes
Notebook Operations Yes, for increased mobility
Variable Workstation Standing and Sitting Working Heights
Power Supply 90-230 V AC
Cable Length to ATOS Light Weight Cables up to 30m
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