Optical 3D measurement technology from GOM supports turbine manufacturers and their suppliers throughout the product lifecycle. GOM’s systems accelerate development and manufacturing processes, including optimization in research & development, quality assurance in production, dynamic load tests during operation and product life analysis. In addition, optical measurement technology offers major cost-cutting potential for maintenance and repairs on turbine blades, housing elements and structural parts.


Scan-Xpress offers its sales and service experience and support in the gas & steam turbine, hydropower, wind energy and propulsion sectors.

Application examples include:


  • Lifetime predication for gas & steam turbines
  • CFD & FEA Analysis on Gas & Steam Turbines
  • Reverse Engineering / Golden Master
  • 3D measurement of rotor blades
  • Inspection of mounting surfaces on wind power plant
  • Bending fatigue test for rotor blades
  • Dynamic deformation analysis of wind power units in running operation
  • Efficient quality control for turbine blade manufacturing

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