Manufacturing - Services To Manafacturing Industry - Scan-Xpress
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GOM’s optical analysis systems work hand-in-hand to manage key processes such as material analysis and simulation, tool-making, try-out and production control for the sheet metal forming, casting and plastics industry. Steel, plastics and aluminium manufacturers, sheet metal formers and suppliers rely on GOM measurement systems on a day-to-day basis, knowing they offer consistent quality assurance from coil to the final product.


Scan-Xpress supports the manufacturing industry sectors such as tool manufacture, tool try-out and tool maintenance. Time-effective data acquisition results in cost-effective, fast and easy integration into downstream processing requirements.

Application examples include:


  • Die Design / Forming Simulation
  • Reduction of Machining Times during tool manufacture
  • Faster Tool Try-Out through Forming Optimization
  • Shape & Dimension Control
  • Detection of Material Defects
  • Data Backup for Broken Dies
  • Wear Control
  • Inspection of Sheet Metal Parts
  • Online Calibration of Fixtures, Jigs and Gauges
  • Trend Analysis