Plastic 3D Printing technology: WASP 3D Printing through Scan-Xpress
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Plastic 3D printing is perfect for rapid turn around, low volume production of your digital models. Scan-Xpress can print your designed CAD models or reproduce items by directly printing scan data. Ideal for tooling, jigs, fixtures or functional prototypes, plastic 3D printing is a cost effective and flexible process. As a service Scan-Xpress can provide three different plastic 3D printing processes; FDM, SLS and SLA. You can learn more about each process below or pay us a visit and see our in-house FDM printers in action!

Explore our plastic printing solutions

Fused Depostion Modelling


FDM printing involves forcing plastic filament through a hot nozzle and depositing the molten material in layers to construct a 3D part. The thickness of each layer can be adjusted to increase the resolution of the print at the cost of additional time to manufacture. Common materials used in this process are ABS and PLA however other materials such as Nylon can also be used. Scan-Xpress offers this service on-site using either the Delta WASP4070 or the UP Box.

Selective Laser Sintering


SLS is a powder-based technology that uses a laser to 'sinter' grains of plastic powder together to form a solid cross-sectional layer. Following this another layer of powder is deposited over the build surface and the process is repeated. After all layers have been completed the solid part can be removed from a bed of loose powder (this powder can be recycled back into the printer).



SLA uses the principle of photopolymerization to cure a liquid resin into a solid. This is completed by penetrating the bath of resin with a light emitting device which polymerizes the areas it touches. The remaining resin is then drained away leaving a solid 3D printed part. Typically the surface finish of SLA parts is superior to SLS and FDM however it is usually more expensive.

Thinking about doing a lot of plastic 3D printing? Consider bringing state of the art manufacturing capabilities in-house by purchasing your very own machine.

3D printers currently available

The Delta WASP range offers a powerful selection of commercial grade 3D printing solutions. With printers capable of fitting on a desk to printing and entire person WASP has an impressive portfolio of machines. Learn more here.

The UP Box is the perfect answer to low-end commercial 3D printing. Learn more about here.