GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect contains all evaluation tools for an extensive analysis of parts and components. The software provides a variety of inspection tools for dimensional analysis of 3D point cloud data from optical scanners, CT scanners, laser scanners, CMMs and other sources. GOM Inspect comes by default with GOM 3D scanning systems and ZEISS CT & X-Ray machines.

GOM Inspect Highlights

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

The GD&T functions allow you to determine whether a component or feature is manufactured with the proper fit, whether it has the correct direction or whether existing form errors are within tolerance requirements.

CAD Comparison & Colour Map

Digital image correlation (DIC) and evaluation software for materials research and component testing. Pair with ARAMIS 3D camera system to evaluate surface motion and deformation. Using a stochastic pattern or point markers, images areas can be described with sub-pixel accuracy.

Digital Assembly

Do you manufacture your components at different sites? With GOM Inspect Pro’s digital assembly you can easily verify whether the different components match, or which ones have the best-fit (cross-mating).

Reporting & Automation

Use the GOM Inspect report functions to export your results in an easily readable and traceable format. Create report templates to automate reoccurring inspections saving you both time and money during the quality inspection process.

Featured Applications

Automotive Reverse Engineering

Using the GOM Scan 1, we performed a 3D scan of a classic Ford Falcon hood scoop. We reverse engineered and modified its geometry and length to allow our client to add some power to his engine.

Design & Prototyping Application

Using the GOM Scan 1, AESUB & Delta WASP 3D printers; we scanned, reverse engineered and manufactured a complex object, showcasing how 3D scanning & 3D printing can be used to solve design & manufacturing problems.


The Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tolls and Forming Technology, it’s all about unique clients with unique problems seeking unique solutions. Whether it’s in the automotive, medical or robotics industry: 3D scanning makes it possible.

Fast Casting Inspection with ATOS Q

Learn how to perform a fast inspection in GOM Inspect by preparing a project in the inspection workspace, including the pre-alignment of a CAD file and a surface comparison. After the first scan, you can immediately look at the results.

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