ARAMIS - 3D Optical Deformation Sensor for Material Testing
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ARAMIS – 3D Optical Deformation Sensor

The ARAMIS sensor is a high precision measurement system that provides full field analysis of part testing and material deformation. This measurement solution is capable of measuring test specimens from only a few millimetres to structural components consisting of meters in size. The 3D measurements are conducted within a sub-micron resolution, independent of geometrical complexity and temperature.


For statically or dynamically loaded specimens and components, ARAMIS provides:

  • 3D Coordinates
  • 3D Displacements, Velocities, Accelerations
  • Surface Strain
  • Evaluations of 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF)

Technical Features

Determination of Material Properties


The ARAMIS sensor can be used for measurements with finite element simulations, with properties such as Young’s ModulusR-Value & N-Value from Tensile Tests and Forming Limit Curves from Nakajima Tests. ARAMIS system values can be validated with simulation results in order to optimise simulations more accurately.

Buldge Test

ARAMIS Live Function


For long testing experiments, ARAMIS live functionality enables long term data acquisition without having to store individual camera images. Measuring results are calculated and displayed instantly, and can be accessed online from a remote location. In addition, optical and tactile probing can be used in accordance with the live functionality.

ARAMIS Tensile Test

ARAMIS Professional Software


The ARAMIS Professional software package is combined with the ARAMIS hardware to provide image acquisition alongside material inspection functionalities of the GOM Correlate software. The software package provides a seamless workflow of material analysis, with the creation of reports to portray technical information to colleagues and clients.

ARAMIS Software

ARAMIS for Education Package


“ARAMIS for Education” is a complete package for theoretical and practical teaching at schools, higher education
institutions and universities. The educational package from GOM includes industrial hardware and software for 3D testing
applications as well as ready-to-use lab experiments and lecture material with detailed background information. Moreover,
GOM provides an efficient digital image correlation software for students, practical training for trainers and professional
support provided by experienced engineers.


Industrial Hardware − The ATOS Core sensor including a desktop stand, image processing computer and the GOM Snap
software has been proven in industry and is used for typical ARAMIS applications in the field of testing.


Digital Image Correlation Software − GOM Correlate is a digital image correlation software for optical measurements
of 3D coordinates, 3D motion and deformation analyses as well as for the creation of measuring reports.


Ready-to-use Lab Experiments − Introduction into materials and components testing based on lab experiments for
practical courses, including measuring object.


Detailed Tutorials − Video tutorials help learners understand how to use and test GOM’s hardware and software.

Interested in the ARAMIS?