Webinar: CMM Workflows for Australian Manufacturing Applications

Scan-Xpress hosted a webinar exploring Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs) workflows and benefits for Australian industrial quality control applications. Take a look at the recorded session below:



During this webinar our application engineer Josh Span and metrology expert Benjamin Singer went through 9 Australian-relevant manufacturing processes:

1. Aerospace components
2. Precision machined parts
3. Medical device & orthopaedics implant manufacturing
4. Plastics injection parts
5. Metal casting and mould design
6. Gear manufacturing
7. Additive manufacturing processes
8. Turbine blade manufacturing
9. Carbon fibre lamination process

Each manufacturing process will be explored in detail highlighting the best integration of quality control gates within the workflow, the tolerance checks to be performed at each gate and the recommended ZEISS Industrial Metrology CMMs and sensors for each application. A technical expert from ZEISS will also be present to answer any system-specific questions.

The learning outcome of this webinar will be a better understanding of how CMMs should be integrated into each process to ensure a high product quality while maintaining efficiency throughput while eliminating waste and rework.

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