Top 3 trends transforming 3d measurement

Top 3 trends transforming 3d measurement

Firstly, what is 3d Scanning?

3D scanning involves the full field digital data capture of the physical attributes of a part. This is done by capturing millions of surface data points using sophisticated light sources projected onto the geometries’ surface.  Several individual scans are taken from different locations, similar to the process of taking photographs, which enables the part to be fully described in the resultant data set.

Over the years, there have been a multitude of changes in the industry.

Some of which involve the changes to data capture methods. These involve recent advances in projector and camera technologies.  This has resulted in an incredible increase in the quality of data and a massive reduction in the data capture time.

In this article, we will look at the top 3 trends transforming 3d scanning today. 

Optical metrology replacing tactile measurement – trends toward non-contact field of view

Optical measurement systems offer full-field measurement rather than tactile, discrete point capture.  Using a 3D scanning system results in a much broader understanding of any given parts physical attributes. It is possible to capture in a very quick period, large amounts of data describing every inspected feature.

3D scanning systems are now able to compete and, in most cases, exceed tactile measurement on both speed of data capture as well as the accuracy of that data.  Products like the GOM ATOS Q offer multiple measurement volumes which give the flexibility to measure a wide range of parts and surfaces.

Moving from manual towards automation 

Over the years, there has been a significant trend towards automation in 3d metrology.

By automating data capture, companies are moving closer to industry 4.0 and realizing the benefits of time saving, repeatability, process control and accuracy.

The GOM ScanCobot

The GOM Scanbox series makes this transition possible for all companies not just the large OEM’s by offering off the shelf automated scanning solutions for objects of all sizes.  In most cases a 50% reduction in ‘on machine measurement time’ can be achieved when compared to traditional methods such as Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM’s). GOM Scanbox solutions offer features such as Smart Teach which eliminates the need for robot programming and therefore the reliance upon highly skilled engineers.

The GOM ScanCobot is a mobile automated inspection system which brings the potential for high volume, high accurate scanning systems to the shop floor.  This can revolutionize the inspection environment by eliminating the need for complex robotic systems for high level automated projects.

You can contact us here to find out more about the GOM Scanbox and ScanCobot.

Manufacturing companies are bringing metrology capabilities in house by investing in their own equipment.

 Many large and small companies are adopting 3D scanning systems. These manufacturers are moving towards a future where they control the data capture and inspection. No longer relying on outsourcing or forced to wait for bottlenecks with their CMM’s.

The ability to readily capture a digital twin of any component during any stage of the manufacturing process enables continual analysis through the process from start to finish. This capability can transform manufacturing processes and give a competitive edge by saving large amounts of time and money. Returns on investment are immediate and often fully realized within 12-18 months.

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