1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce Scan

1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce Scan

Customer: Rolls Royce

Objective: 3D Scan the Interior, Exterior and Undercarriage of the Rolls Royce

The Scan-Xpress team had the opportunity to scan the iconic 1960 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce, taking place over 3 days on site in NSW. The existing owner’s intent of the project was to bring the vehicle back to life by upgrading a few of the exterior aesthetics as well as introducing better braking and handling performance.

The ATOS Compact Scan equipped with the 1.2 metre field of view, was used to scan the interior, exterior and undercarriage of the to create an accurate digital model of the Rolls Royce. Prior to scanning, photogrammetry was conducted using the GOM Tritop System, ensuring all measurement data sets were seamlessly integrated into a single coordinate system. This enabled the team to work with quality digital information as designs were then conceptualized and integrated with the existing physical constraints within a CAD/Design Package.

The painted panels of the Rolls did not present any issues in scanning the surface of the vehicle, however the glass windows and polished chrome components presented undesirable reflection in the captured data.

The specially designed AESUB Scanning Spray was therefore applied to the problematic surfaces allowing for the effortless capture of the data.

On completion of scanning the 1960 Rolls Royce, an accurate digital model of the vehicle was created followed by a design refinement and generation of manufactured drawings. Automotive applications are an area of expertise for Scan-Xpress and we are passionate about assisting our clients achieve their desired outcomes through applying our automotive 3D scanning expertise.

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