ARAMIS System at Monash University Drop Weight Testing Facility

ARAMIS System at Monash University Drop Weight Testing Facility

Scan-Xpress supplied Monash University with an ARAMIS Dynamic Metrology System enabling them to perform materials testing for materials research and development purposes.

Understanding how materials and structures respond to impact forces is critical when designing, engineering, and manufacturing components and assemblies that will experience impact. The National Drop Weight Impact Testing Facility (NDWITF) at Monash University is a unique, state of the art facility, that aims to resolve some of these uncertainties by observing and measuring the behaviour of elements under high impact.

After analysis of the requirements, our team recommended the High-Speed ARAMIS System that can quantitatively measure deformation and displacement of the specimen during impact.

The ARAMIS system uses two high-speed Photron Cameras and was selected because it can:

  • Record images at speeds of 6,400 to 200,000 fps
  • Track sample deformation in 3D and real-time using a pre-applied surface pattern
  • Integrated ARAMIS software measures strain & displacement of specimen as well as the velocity of the impactor before and during impact


The images below show how the strain and displacement can be calculated using the pre-applied surface pattern:


The image bellow shows the impactor velocity throughout the test cycle:

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