Customer Success Story: Monash University - Scan-Xpress
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Customer Success Story: Monash University

Customer Success Story: Monash University

Key Words: 3D Deformation, CAD Model, Education, Digital Image Correlation (DIC)

Industry: Education

Product: ARAMIS High-Speed, GOM Correlate Professional

Understanding how materials and structures respond to impact forces is critical when designing, engineering, and manufacturing components and assemblies that will experience impact. The National Drop Weight Impact Testing Facility (NDWITF) at Monash University is a unique, state of the art facility, that aims to resolve some of these uncertainties by observing and measuring the behaviour of elements under high impact.

The facility which was funded by the Australian Research Council and 7 major universities, is the largest of its kind in Australia and features a hammer which is guided by two long columns onto the specimen. The hammer can be loaded with weights up to 2000kgs. Specimens can be as large as 1m in width and 2m in length. The hammer can impact the specimen at a velocity of up to 18m/s and can achieve impact energy of up to 200,000 J.

Scan-Xpress supplied Monash University with a High-Speed ARAMIS System from GOM Metrology of Germany that can quantitatively measure deformation and displacement on the specimen during impact.


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