3D Scanning Components of a Turbine Unit - Scan-Xpress
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3D Scanning Components of a Turbine Unit

3D Scanning Components of a Turbine Unit

Measuring Systems: Tritop, ATOS Q

Key Words: 3D Scanning, Power Generation, Precision Machining, Turbine, Quality Control

Industry: Oil & Energy

To ensure the successful refurbishment of a component integral to the performance of a Turbine unit, an energy provider contracted Scan-Xpress to perform a highly accurate 3D scan on a 2m diameter Disc and L Ring. The task was to validate the geometry of the disc in the key areas it interfaced with the L Ring. An issue had occurred during the turbine’s operation. The L Ring and the Disc had slipped out of their secured positions causing damage to critical surfaces. To be able to repair the disc, it was proposed to machine back the affected surfaces. The client anticipated the areas of greatest damage would be close to the locking pins. One of the pins had been completely severed by the force.


The project involved two discreet studies at different physical locations. These included the Disk scanned in regional Victoria (bottom left) and the L Ring captured in Melbourne (bottom right):



For the full case study, including the 3D scan data, click on the button below:

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