Internship Testimonial - David Purser - Scan-Xpress
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Internship Testimonial – David Purser

Internship Testimonial – David Purser

Internship Testimonial

David Purser
BEng(AeroEng)/BBus(Mgt) – RMIT University

David completed an internship for Scan-Xpress during his final year of studies to gain additional exposure to the engineering industry and to learn about the applications of non-contact 3D scanning. These are his thoughts on the experience.

Working at Scan-Xpress has been a launch-pad for my professional development and engineering career. When choosing an internship there is often a trade-off between high profile experience (typical of large blue-chip companies) and diverse/flexible roles (small to medium enterprises). Scan-Xpress is a small business operating at the high end of the market so you don’t need to choose – you get the best of both worlds.

Operating as a service and sales bureau Scan-Xpress utilizes industry leading technology to cater to high profile engineering companies in Australia and overseas. As an intern you’ll get to work directly with these companies as a contractor. This gives you a unique insight into larger companies and enables you to quickly and easily grow your professional network. With over 20 years’ experience Scan-Xpress is well respected in the engineering industry and has a reputation for delivering a high standard of work. Sharing and perpetuating this reputation enables Scan-Xpress interns to take pride in their work and rapidly move forward in their career.

Through the lens of a Scan-Xpress intern you will gain insight into a range of businesses/industries which allows you to make an informed decision for your next career move.

Scan-Xpress also offers all of the benefits of working with a small firm. There’s no bureaucracy or hierarchy and as a result the business is very agile. When I first started at Scan-Xpress we didn’t have any 3D printing capability – because I literally sit next to my boss it was easy to communicate the need to bring this technology in-house and within weeks we had a printer. Without any power distance it’s easy to share your ideas and its rewarding to see them change and improve the business. Your role is inherently flexible and diverse and you will be required to wear many hats in one day. This provides Scan-Xpress employees with a diverse skillset ranging from technical skills, business management, client relations and marketing. Taking on additional roles and responsibilities is as easy as showing an interest. All employees for Scan-Xpress are ambassadors for the business and have a seat at the table when it comes to driving the business and steering it forwards.

Scan-Xpress also offered a number of other benefits that I believe are unique to their internship program. Through my time at Scan-Xpress I was fortunate to complete two overseas trips – one to Auckland and another to London. This was a brilliant opportunity to work in an international environment and to take some additional time to see more of the world. I was also encouraged to use the 3D scanning and printing technology for my own personal projects which allowed me to master my skills whilst still having a lot of fun. The internships was flexible and could easily be integrated with my ongoing University studies. Finally, the company operates out of a business incubator on High St in Northcote which is a beautiful and exciting environment. Being constantly immersed in such an engaging atmosphere is very energizing and makes it easy to wake up and head to work in the morning.

Through my role at Scan-Xpress and with the assistance of my boss I was successful in finding full-time employment in the industry of my choice. I am forever thankful for the time I spent at Scan-Xpress and can highly recommend the experience.

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